inside the gate/ Kent Krugh

“Inside the Gate” is the title of a beautiful body of work created by Cincinnati photographer Kent Krugh.  I first saw his work on my favorite Cincinnati blogs Visualingual.  I was so taken with the work that I called Kent and invited myself for a studio visit.  As beautiful as these images are on-line, they are so much more so “in-person.”  The originals have a velvety depth and density that can’t be captured in reproduction.  The density and depth combined with the delicacy of the line of the branches put me in mind of intaglio.


Kent described to me “inverse panorama” technique he uses to make these image.  Instead of the panorama that is created by a stationary photographer who pans from left to right capturing fragments of the landscape that are then combined to make a single “wide-angle” image,  Kent circles around his subject maintaining a constant distance and clicking the camera every ten or twelve steps until he circumnavigates the subject.  These multiple images are then digitally superimposed on each other.

These images to me are archetypal and transcendent.  They represent pure, platonic form and as such are pointers to the transcendent and universal.  For me, this is the gate that Kurt takes us through: from the beauty of the natural world to the surpassing beauty of the world we can’t see but only sense, the pure, transcendent world where all is seen in all, and at once, a God’s eye view.

Kent’s work can be seen Friday evening, January 30th at the open studio event at the Pendelton Art Center in Cincinnati.

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