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Love of Light: Lasvit Studio, Prague

“Lasvit” translates from Czech as “love of light.”  I love this space and I especially love these pendant glass lights from the Czech-based glass studio Lasvit.  I love the dynamic movement these forms suggest, like the movement of a spinning top.  (I know.  Thats a lot of love.) This work has a similar appeal to the glass installation shown in an earlier post, Brilliant.


These forms are inspired by chandeliers that hang in the great opera houses of Europe, as described by Lasvit principal, Jan Plechac:

“We wanted to create just a ghost of the original chandeliers, or just the soul, the shadow, the shine of the original ones. If you imagine the grand, original chandeliers in these opera houses, they’re glorious, and the ‘neverending’ part relates to the profiles and the idea of infinite rotation—a neverending glory.”

–Jan Plechác

The evolution and development of the the idea is fascinating.  Here is the chandelier that hangs in Milan’s La Scala and beside it the form into which it evolved.

And this drawing that shows the process of  the transformation of forms.

Another Lasvit project: