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Chair Crush

I have had a long-time crush on the BFK-Hardoy aka Butterfly chair.  Here is one of the three Argentinian designers credited with the 1938 desgin, Jorge Ferrari Hardoy.  According to no less an authority than the Museum of Modern Art NY, the first two BFK chairs to come to the U.S. went to the Frank Lloyd Wright-designed home, Fallingwater.

Lately they have been popping up everywhere.  Since no one successfully secured  the production rights (Knoll tried in the 40’s) there are all sorts of knock-offs of varying quality.


(Speaking of knock-offs, I wonder if thats an original Dubuffet on the right in the pic above?)



This is what I want, a vintage Knoll chair.   These have gone for $2500 to $3000 at auction.  Sigh.

And lastly, here is what came to be known as the British Tripolina chair designed by Joseph Fenbyn in 1877.  The design saw much use as an officer’s campaign chair and also became widely used as safari furniture.  Another story for another day.


For more chair love see my post on Draga Obradovic’s Ingeniouly reconstructed upholstered chairs.