Speak for Yourself: work by SF artist Rebecca Szeto

I came across this odd little body of work on one of my favorite blogs, Yellow Trace.  I love love love these objects/artifacts/sculptures/paintings/whatever by Rebecca Szeto.  They speak for themselves and they have a lot to say.  To me.


This is the commentary that accompanied the Yellow Trace post.

“San Francisco-based artist Rebecca Szeto is the creator of one of the most captivating art projects I’ve ever seen – sculptural artworks made from old paintbrush handles. A homage to an often lost sensibility and quality of Old Masters’ works, these portraits (con)fuse realities between politics and consumerism, pointing to an endless loop of transformative regeneration. The brush is ripe for wordplay: Women’s work and their “brush off” from much of art history as well as material puns about bristling at waste and patriarchy.”  See full post here.

Well O.K. if you say so.  I won’t argue with that.  When I come across interesting visual content on the web I usually don’t read the text that accompanies the images.  I just look at the pictures.



Bu this commentary got me thinking.  It seems to me that a lot of art gets made.   And then there seems to be a necessity to retrospectively invent a narrative that legitimizes it by placing it in a socio-economic, or political, or gender-identity context, or whatever.  Enough said.  If you are like me you will not have bothered to read these words, but just looked at these pictures and let the objects speak to you directly.  That suits me just fine.




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