now what?

This is me thinking out loud. Thinking out loud OUT LOUD. Against my better judgement.

It came as a shock when I realized that has been one year since I have worked/painted with any semblance of regularity. Shock and anxiety. I moved out of my Houston studio in early 2014 and moved to Cincinnati in July. Here are a couple of the paintings I finished early last year.



You can see more of my work from the last few years at

So what next?  I love the body of work represented by these two pieces but I am not motivated or interested in continuing this direction.  At least not at the moment.  For one thing my work space in Cincinnati is much smaller than my space in Houston and for now I am not interested in finding a larger space.

Since I left the larger space I have had in mind doing much smaller, very different work. Returning to something I did a couple of years ago.  These one-off little paintings that were sort of a studio diversion, sort of art therapy. These paintings are about 9″x12″.




This is a recent painting, since I moved to Cincinnati. Essentially copying myself to get a little jump-start.


Melanie Millar



So here I am in a new year, but not new new and getting less new everyday.  Here I am feeling a little un-focused, a little directionless.

I’ll keep you posted.

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