northern light

The temperature at 10:30 a.m. today is 10 degrees.  Tonight it is supposed to get down to -2 degrees.  This wintry weather is still very novel and exciting to me and a little bit shocking.  It has snowed the last couple of nights, not much, just a little powdered sugar dusting.  This morning is windy so the very dry snow is blowing about creating a beautiful white haze.

My living room is filled with this cool white light that I love.  The windows are high enough and wide enough to expose the room to all the subtleties of changing season, weather and light.

source: the author

source: the author

source: the author

source: the author

This is the same space on a late October day that was warm enough to keep the door to the patio open.  This dynamism of season and light is something that I very much missed in the lower latitudes of Houston.


The wintery view today

source: the author

source: the author

One thought on “northern light

  1. Donna

    Melanie – it’s your cousin, Donna. I found this yesterday from facebook, which will tell you how long it has been since I checked facebook. I was so surprised to learn that you’ve moved to Cincinnati. I’m sure Marihelen and the girls are thrilled to have you close by. The photographs are beautiful — quite like your house in Houston, which I always loved.



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