more bubbly please

Enough talk of gray, gloomy, cold, wintery days.  How about a little sparkle?  A little fizz?  The year is still young.  Just one more glass.  My recent post showing the glass installation by Andrew Paiko got me thinking about how much the sparkle of glass adds to a room. Which got me thinking about chandeliers, crystal chandeliers.

Our grandmothers’ chandelier, but deployed in spaces our grandmothers’ couldn’t imagnine.  I love the way they can add an ironic softness, a whimsy, a nostalgia (not adjectives I am big on when it comes to interiors) to a hard edge minimalist room, or a rustic, primitive space.  And the way they add a little sparkle and glamour.

Below is the traditional habitat of the crystal chandelier.  And this is a lovely room to be sure.

And here are several rooms in which the chandelier never expected to find itself: all sleek (maybe even slick) shiny and hard-edged.


And here are rooms where the formality of a crystal chandelier contrasts with a rustic, more primitive, and certainly more informal environment.



I love the way the chandeliers below enliven these sombre and somewhat austere rooms.

There is certainly an intentional irony in handing these chandeliers in a stable



And lastly, more is more.  If one chandelier is good, how about a half dozen?


I welcome your comments!

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