make your bed

Anyone who looks at interior/décor/styling content half as much as I do can’t help but have noticed the visual trope of the unmade bed. The artfully rumpled sheets, the thoughtfully disheveled blankets, the self-consciouly un-fluffed pillows. It is very appealing and I appreciate the aesthetics of the unmade bed, as revealed in the images below. And it hadn’t really struck me til I prepared this post that it seems to me it’s become a little over-done, no?

It’s an interesting example of art imitating life imitating art. Someone decided to break the rule of showing the bed only after its made. Someone got out of bed, started to make it and recognized the creaturely natural beauty of the un-made bed and took a picture. And now we have this proliferation of highly calculated, highly styled unmade beds.

All that being said, I still fall for it.

source: author

source: author




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