source: the author

source: the author

Every day I make my bed, brush my teeth, wash my face.  Every day.  No delaying, no procrastinating, no negotiating with myself whether I really have to do it today.  No telling myself why not wait and do it tomorrow.  So there are these things that I just do every day.

 Then there is a larger category of things that I intend to do every day.  Think I should do every day.  Would benefit from doing every day.  My life would be better, simpler, healthier, easier if I did them every day.  The items in this category I often negotiate with myself all day about whether I really need to do them, whether I really have time to do them.   Whether it really makes much difference if I do them today or tomorrow.  All the negotiation is exhausting.

I still don’t know how to move the should-do-everyday tasks into the do-everyday tasks.  Anyone know the answer to that question?

Yesterday I re-blogged Seth Godin’s post entitled “Daily”.  For all hi wisdom, he really doesn’t answer the question.  Or am I missing something?

source: the author

source: the author


See Seth Godin’s reblogged post below.

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